Wahl 5640-1001 Lithium Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer Review


The Wahl 5640-1001 Lithium Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer is one of the least expensive and simplest electric facial hair trimmers in the market that is capable of trimming overgrown facial hair such as eyebrows, ear and nasal hair. It has two detachable cutting heads and can be used for dry or wet cutting. It comes with a protective trimmer cap, two cutting heads and one AAA battery and three year warranty.
Sleek built

The Wahl 5640-1001 Lithium Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer has a sleek design and anodized aluminum casing. Users can comfortably hold this electric trimmer given its slim body and lightweight built as it only weighs 1.6 ounces.

Detachable trimmers

This electric nose hair trimmer has two detachable heads– a rotary and vertical trimmer making it a versatile trimmer for any facial hair that needs cutting. The rotary blade is contoured to fit the the nose and ears while the vertical trimmer is designed to cut off eyebrows and other facial hair.

There have, however been complaints about the durability, and noise of the trimming heads from users. There are also a few cases of users who complain that hair is accidentally pulled off while trimming.

“It’s been a little difficult for me to get this trimmer working every time, and the pulling/tugging at hair can be annoying.”—Amazon User comment

“It’s really pretty noisy for a little trimmer.” —Amazon User comment

The casing and body of the rotation system is built from plastic materials and many users complain about the durability and the effectiveness of the rotation system.

“The blades flew apart upon initial turn-on. Look elsewhere… this is a poorly built/designed product. The nose hair trimmer does work, however.”– Amazon User comment

“Internal plastic rotation system in fragile and does not work well with nose hair trimmer. Gets stuck all the time.”– Amazon User comment

Easy to Use

The Wahl 5640-1001 Lithium Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer can be used either wet or dry. Plus, it is easy to maintain as it comes with a protective cap to cover the product’s heads to keep dirt from getting stuck in the unit. It can also be cleaned by immersing the unit in running water.

The product also comes with an eyebrow guide to enable users to trim eyebrows evenly.

What the Users are saying

The Wahl 5640-1001 Lithium Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer has received a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars among Amazon users. The majority of the users compliment the ability of this electric trimmer to trim facial hair given its relatively cheap price.

“Great for trimming ears, nose, neckline, eye brows, and side burns. A must have product for the guys. This is also the most well made personal trimmer in its category–very durable.”

“This Wahl micro trimmer is the best of all these small type trimmers on the market. It comes with a lithium battery (not rechargeable) and feels so much more powerful than all the others. It has a matching cap that helps keep it sanitary. The price is low and the quality seems very high. Great buy!”

A number of consumers, however, have expressed their disappointment over the product’s durability claiming that the units stopped working after a few days or weeks of use.

“Stopped working after 2 weeks! I bought the product because it was supposed to be water-proof. Used it twice while shaving and with water. Stopped working…Don’t waste your money!”
“The performance is satisfactory. A few times it would not start up and I had to remove/re-install the head to allow it to start turning. It’s an okay trimmer that could be made better,”

“This thing stopped working in a month. Well it occasionally stopped working. It would turn on sporadically, and yes the batteries were fully charged. So if I lightly tapped it against the counter, sometimes it would kick on. Except for the last time I did that, it just fell apart.”


• Easy to use and simple to clean
• Two detachable cutting heads—rotary and vertical trimmers designed to cut all sorts of facial hair
• Slim built making it easy for users to hold the unit while trimming


• The blades can make loud noises
• Occasional complaints that the unit pulls out hair
• A number of users are dissatisfied with the durability of the product claiming that it stopped working after a few usage


The Wahl 5640-1001 Lithium Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer is one of the cheapest electric facial hair trimmers in the market that comes with two cutting heads designed to trim all kinds of facial hair. The device’s simple design makes it easy for users to cut hair but there have been a number of complaints on the durability of this product.