Remington NE3560 Travel Groomer Review

remington ne3560 travel groomer

The Remington Ne3560 Mens Battery Operated Travel Touch Up Groomer is built with the ComfortTrim technology that boasts of dual blade designed to trim hard and difficult to reach facial hair including nose and ear hair without pulling. This electric hair trimmer can be used for dry or wet cutting and runs on a single AAA battery. It comes with four grooming attachments and one battery.

ComfortTrim Technology

The Remington Ne3560 is built with the ComfortTrim technology that has dual blades for fast, effective facial hair trimming. The ComfortTrim technology guarantees a pain-free hair cutting experience.

This electric hair trimmer comes with a four grooming attachments designed to cut all types of facial hair from the nasal and ear hair and other facial hair. It has a personal grooming head for facial hair, a rounded cutting head that is slightly angled to fit the contours of the nose and ears and two eyebrow trimming combs to trim the eyebrows perfectly.

And it seems that the Remington Ne3560 delivers its promise of painless hair trimming as users commend the fast, easy and no pull hair cutting this product provides.

“No hair pulling. Good for ears, nose and those pesky eyebrows. Additional attachments work for a beard if you have one.”—Amazon User Comment

“Whether it is nose, ears or eyebrows, this is the only trimmer that actually worked, and all without painful pulling.” —Amazon User Comment

Easy to Use

The product is easy to use and can be used wet or dry. It has an ergonomic handle that is made of premium chrome finishing. The attachments can easily be changed without much hassle.

Turning the unit ON and OFF can be a bit of a hassle since turning the device ON and OFF requires twisting which also causes to open the space where the battery is located since the battery is changed by twisting the body open, as well. Some users find this feature slightly bothersome.

“Battery cover is switch and comes off if you turn it too far past off. Seems to work okay and heads switch out easily but combination battery cover / switch is not impressive.”—Amazon User Comment

“Only complaint is that it turns on by twisting, which is also how you change the battery, so I have accidentally removed the battery several times. But it’s not that big of a deal” —Amazon User Comment

What the Users are Saying

The Remington Ne3560 has received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The majority of consumers who have tried this product can attest that this electric hair trimmer is one of the best in class, with its ability to effectively cut hair without pulling.

“When it comes to trimming hair in hard to reach places this one does a much better job than a few others I have tried, mostly the ones with a round end. It is much much faster because it gets the hair cut in a single pass. Also, compared to other ones of this design it has a blade on both sides. Very useful!” —Amazon User Comment

“I’m very satisfied, very good cuts hair from the nose. Do not feel that it works. Several moves made and you’re done.” —Amazon User Comment

“This item is a thousand times better than the rotary one that I used to use. It is painless, and very quick to finish the nose trim. The older rotary one was not only painful as it ripped half the hairs out instead of cutting them, but it also took like 5 minutes or more to get them all. This one takes like 30 seconds, and I am done.” —Amazon User Comment

There are some users who question the durability of this product claiming that their units have stopped working after using it several times.

“I don’t see how this trimmer got such a good review from other people. It worked 3 times for me. I replaced the battery, and it won’t even spin.” —Amazon User Comment

“I bought this trimmer and used it once; it worked pretty well. I was happy with it, but when I tried to use it again a few weeks later, it wouldn’t turn on. I exchanged it for a new one and the exact same thing happened – it worked the first time and then never worked again. Either I have really bad luck or this product is a piece of junk.” —Amazon User Comment


• ComfortTrim technology with dual blades for fast, effective and no hair pulling trimming experience
• The product is simple and easy to use; trimming can be done dry or wet
• Ergonomic design with premium chrome finish
• The grooming attachments are suited for the different facial hair that needs trimming and can easily be removed and replaced


• The switch can be improved as some users complain that switching the unit can result in accidentally opening the area where the battery is located.
• Some consumers claimed that this electric trimmer does not last long and goes dead after using it several times.


The Remington Ne3560 Mens Battery Operated Travel Touch Up Groomer delivers its promise of a quick, easy and pain-free trimming experience. Its four attachable grooming device are suited for the different parts of the hair that needs grooming such as nose and ear hair and eyebrows.