Braun EN10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Review

braun en10 ear nose hair trimmer

The Braun EN 10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer promises a safe and convenient way of trimming hair without the painful sensation of hair pulling. This electric nose trimmer boasts of a circular blade system for effective hair cutting sessions. It is easy to use and can easily be cleaned by immersing the unit under running water. It is lightweight and can stand upright and runs on a single AA battery. It comes with a protective head cover, one battery and two-year warranty.

Blade System

The Braun EN 10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer is built with a circular blade system for accurate and fast trimming of ear and nose hair. The circular blade system is designed to trim hair quickly without pulling the hair and without scratching the skin surface. The blades are also made from stainless steel for effective cutting.

Easy to use and clean

The Braun EN 10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer is ergonomically designed and weighs lightly for the comfort of users. As one user said “It feels rugged and comfortable in your hand.”

The unit can also stand straight up for easy storage.

Cleaning is not a hassle either as users can simply place this electric trimmer under running water to take out the hair debris.

What the Users are Saying

The Braun EN 10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer has received a rating of 2.3 out of 5 stars among Amazon users. The reviews from users are mixed as half of those who have used this product were highly dissatisfied with this electric hair trimmer claiming that it fails to effectively trim hair and that the product is far from durable.

“Works great. Very solid feel in my hand. Silent operation. Quality workmanship.Trims my ear hairs with smooth, quiet operation and efficiency.”—Amazon user comment.

“I thought it will work but it turned out waste age of money, no good at all. It’s not a satisfactory product.”—Amazon user comment.

“This one, however, completely stands up to Braun-expected quality. It is comfortable, with no risk of damaging/harming these sensible areas (nose, specially). .”—Amazon user comment.

“I tried this trimmer out based on my positive experiences over the years with other Braun products. Unfortunately, this trimmer doesn’t hold up to the standards of Braun shavers. The power output seems low, and it does not trim as closely as others such as the Panasonic.”- —Amazon user comment.


  • Ergonomically designed and lightweight
  • The product is built with rotary blade system for fast, effective and painless hair trimming experience
  • Cleaning and storage of this electric hair trimmer is also hassle- free


: Half of the users who have tried this product are highly dissatisfied with the performance and durability of this electric hair trimmer.


The Braun EN 10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer has received mixed reviews from users as half of those who have tried this product are highly dissatisfied with their units. This electric trimmer is slightly more expensive than those that sell for above $10 but have received more favorable feedback among users. You may be better off purchasing the less expensive ones but are highly recommended by the majority of their users.