Buyers Guide for the Best Nose Hair Trimmer

Good grooming entails that the undesirable hair are not seen including nasal hair. There are different ways of ensuring that nose hair remains hidden, after all, especially with the help of this on choosing the best nose hair trimmer.

Contrary to common belief, nasal hair is not unwanted or unnecessary hair. Medically speaking, hair inside the nose is part of the body’s defense mechanism as it has the important task of filtering dirt and particles. It is very important to prevent unnecessary objects from entering the lungs, and nasal hair does this job.

Doctors often advise patients to refrain from pulling out or completely removing nasal hair given that allergens and other particles can enter the respiratory system through the nose. Medical practitioners highly recommend that both men and women trim their nose hair with grooming gadgets instead of pulling them out one by one or going for laser hair removal treatment.

Nose hair can be trimmed with a pair of scissors or other nose hair trimming gadgets. The electric nose hair trimmer is one of the popular hair trimmers available and currently, there are many electric nose hair trimmers in the market. But before heading out, and picking any electric nose hair trimmer, we suggest that you take the time to consider the different factors in choosing the best electric nose hair trimmer for you.

What to Look for When Shopping for Your Electric Nose Hair Trimmer


1. Budget

How much are you willing to pay for the electronic nose hair trimmer? There are cheap ones, and there are pricey electronic nose hair trimmers. Keep in mind that not all nose hair trimmers including those that run on electricity are created equal. And just like with any product, the more expensive electric nose hair trimmers offer more to users and in most cases are more durable than the less expensive items.

2. Battery

It is best to choose a hair trimmer that has a longer battery life. You wouldn’t want the hair trimmer to stop working while in the middle of hair cutting, would you? Choose an electric nose hair clipper with batteries that can last for a couple of hours. You may also opt to purchase one that has rechargeable batteries so you can save on buying new batteries. In addition, it is also highly recommended for users to choose best rated electric nose hair trimmers that run on double A or triple A batteries to minimize the need to change batteries frequently.

3. Warranty

Check whether the electric nose hair cutting device comes with a warranty especially if you are investing on the more expensive ones. This way you can take back the gadget to the manufacturer if there are defects.

4. Ease of Use

As we have mentioned, not all electric nose hair clippers are created equal given that some may not be easy to use compared to others. A buyer may want to consider the availability of lights in an electric nasal hair trimmer. There are products in the market that are equipped with led “headlights,” allowing the users to see the hair they are trimming clearly. The led lights can also help in ensuring that no spots will be missed out from the cutting. Buyers might also want to consider whether the electric nasal hair trimmer can cut hair without the use of water or dry cutting or will need the hair to be wet first before the user starts trimming the nasal hair.

5. Ease of Cleaning

Those who are in search for the best nose hair trimmer may also want to consider the ease of cleaning the cutter. Some electric nasal hair cutters can be cleaned by simply placing them under running water, and other products may require users to use a brush to clean the blades with running water. In addition, you may want to look for a product that is built with a vacuum that removes the hair that was just cut off, preventing the cut hair from staying within the nose. No one wants to have cut hair to remain inside the nasal passages, after all.

6. Build Quality

Would you prefer an electric nasal hair trimmer that is light or would you want one that is a bit on the bulky side? Nose hair trimmers are designed and built differently. Some may be slimmer making it easy for users to hold the trimmer with just one hand while others may be bulkier and may need the assistance of both hands. You may want to consider this especially if you do not have a tight grip. Additionally, consumers may also choose to find a trimmer that is ergonomically designed. Some nasal hair trimmers are designed with an angled head that follow the contours of the nostrils while the majority of the nasal hair trimmers are straight and vertical.

7. Blades

Keep in mind that there are different materials used for the blades. These blades can be made from platinum, titanium and stainless steel. Blades that are made using platinum are capable of staying sharp for a long time while titanium blades are typically more resistant to water and rusting. Plus, you may want to check out whether the blades come with blade protectors. Blade protectors protect the sensitive skin or nasal membranes from being sliced or cut accidentally, something that a regular nasal hair scissor cannot provide.

8. Performance

Will the nasal cutter completely cut the hair that you want trimmed? Some nasal hair cutters give a no pull warranty or already has a no pull patented technology, meaning that the nose hair cutter will definitely cut the hair instead of pulling the hair.

Make sure to check out and compare the reviews on electric nose hair trimmers in the market. Clipping nasal hair is easy with these devices as long as you pay attention while trimming your nose hair. And of course, make sure to read the instructions on how to use these gadgets before using them.

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