Concerned about your nose hair that is visible and affects your well-groomed appearance? No need to worry about looking good since there are different ways of maintaining a well-groomed look despite the presence of nasal hair.

There are many, particularly men who search for ways to get rid of nose hair that protrude. Some trim the nasal hair while others prefer to pluck. But do you know that medical experts recommend against plucking or completely removing all hair inside the nose? Nasal hair exists as part of a human body’s defense system, filtering the particles that pass through the airways. Fragments can go straight into the lungs if not for the nose hair that block them from going into the nasal passages.

Doctors highly advise patients to trim nose hair for those who are concerned with their appearance. Many medical practitioners particularly recommend the use of electric nose hair cutters since they are built with protective blades that prevent the accidental cutting of the nasal cavity.

There is, however, a misconception about the use of electric nose hair trimmer. Some say that the use of nasal hair trimmers could result in faster growth and thicker hair re-growth. But this is not true as there has been no scientific study that can support such claim. And there is no research either that compares hair re-growth of manual trimming versus electric nose trimming. Nasal hair will not grow thicker and faster when an electric trimmer is used rather than a pair of scissors!

Why This is a Myth


In fact, Dr. Robert Shmerling from the Harvard Medical School explained that the hair follicle– a special gland beneath the skin where the shaft of the hair is produced– determines the color, length and consistency of hair. Hair thickness is controlled by the number of hair follicles on a given area of the skin.

No one or no method can alter the number of hair follicles including trimming hair. As Dr. Schmerling said “Shaving (or trimming) doesn’t make hair grow back faster, thicker or darker. The only thing shaving (or trimming) does is shorten hair.”

Some may see thicker or coarser hair including nasal hair because of other medical conditions. Pregnancy, for example, causes to change the growth cycles of hair follicles. Those who are pregnant may notice a temporary reduction of hair loss because of the altered growth of their hair follicles. This temporary condition may give the impression that the hair has become thicker.

Underactive thyroid is another medical condition that can result in coarser hair or dry hair.

The belief that trimming hair will produce thicker or coarser hair could stem from the fact that newly cut hair has the tendency to feel coarser because the ends are more blunt from being freshly trimmed. But trimming or cutting hair, per se does not result in thicker hair re-growth; otherwise, those who are balding will see their hair grow back after each new hair cut.

Why Electric Nose Hair Trimmers Are Highly Recommended

There are many benefits in using an electric nose hair trimmer rather than manually cutting the nasal hair. For one, the majority of these nose hair trimmers in the market come with protective blades thereby eliminating the accidental cutting or splitting of the nasal cavity. Wounds inside the nose, after all, can cause infection.

In addition, there are electric nasal hair cutters that have vacuums to get rid of the newly trimmed hair immediately. No nasal hair cutter would want any of the trimmed hair to stay inside the nose for a longer period.

Plus, some nose hair trimmers are also built with led lights that allow users to see the nasal hair that they are cutting. Led lights also allow users to ensure that no part is left untrimmed.

Are you considering the option of using electric nasal trimmers for a better appearance but worried about having thicker nasal hair or seeing them grow faster than usual? Then think twice, as cutting nasal hair with electric nose cutter will not cause thicker or faster hair re-growth. It is nothing but a myth!